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Why is less more?

The popularity of the aesthetics of minimalism in design is not passing with age. In our business, a minimalist approach is almost always welcome, but the question is – why is less really more? We provide the answers in this blog, but before we start, it is important to emphasize that this approach does not always suit everyone. The appropriateness of applying this approach depends on the goal of the design project and on the client and their wishes. Sometimes the solution needs to be more decorative and rich, but even in these situations it is important to minimize it in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

By the way, the minimalist approach in design is characterized by simplicity, clarity of use and a minimal number of elements; and many designers choose it because: 

1. Eliminates interference

A minimalist approach helps to eliminate all distractions, so we can say that it solves the “mess” and organizes the forest of information. The viewer gets a chance to focus on those important elements of the design and understand its purpose and main message, which is ultimately the most important thing in good design. Complex designs, with too many elements, very easily alienate or confuse viewers and make it difficult for them to get the picture.

2. It is adaptable

Also, when we talk about design adaptability, then simple solutions are great solutions because they are very easily adapted to different contexts. Here we are talking about adaptation for screens of different sizes or preparation for printing for various materials. As much as the aesthetics and attractiveness of the design are necessary, this flexibility is just as necessary. 

3. It has a special elegance

Using a couple of elements in creating a design leads to the creation of a special feeling of elegance and sophistication. Also, such designs often carry a certain amount of so-called timelessness because they are not tied to specific trends and due to their simplicity they tend to become long-lived and timeless.

4. It transmits information more efficiently

In the end, a minimalist approach can convey information more effectively because it simply forces designers to prioritize what is truly important to communicate in the design. In this way, the message is clearly conveyed and easily understood, which is ultimately the goal of every designer.  
It is a fact that recently the approach of ‘more is more’ can be noticed, as new trends have brought popularity to large fonts, bold strokes and large patterns that move away from the stylized minimalist design. Bold color combinations and prominent typography are used, and shapes go beyond the box. Maximalism is in and trends must be followed, but we fundamentally believe that minimalism will always hold its position in popularity, precisely because of its advantages.