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Branding / Identity / Promo

YEAR: 2022.

Izazov / The Challenge:

The ecological center “Vrata Zrinske Gore” is intended for children, students and adults for the purpose of implementing educational programs, research, sports and recreational programs and similar activities for children and adults in nature.

The client approached us with a clear task – to create a visual identity that would communicate the messages of the Ecological Center. In fact, the challenge set for us was to create an atmosphere around the brand that speaks of nature, active life and nature-related experiences while, at the same time gives impression of a stable institution that instills security and trust.

Priča / Story:

Through detailed analysis, we detected the purpose, activities and, above all, values ​​of the Center. Nature, active life and openness were key messages that guided us in further creative process.
By identifying the target audience, we came to the conclusions of how we should address participants in educational programs for children, tourists, nature lovers, hikers, cyclists and other relevant groups. Thinking about a creative concept and brainstorming ideas based on the natural beauty of the landscape and cultural heritage, we began thinking about integration of natural elements such as mountain areas, trees, rivers or cultural symbols that are associated with the locality, in this case with the area of ​​Zrinska gora.
When we researched the colors, fonts and styles that would work best to reflect the identity of the Center, we came to the conclusion that the logo should convey the impression of activities and natural possibilities that this area provides. It was in this reflection that the main idea for logo came from the word Door. Quite logically, the story continued to come together and it became clear how the logo needed to visually convey the concept of openness, welcome and accessibility with the aim to evoke positive emotions and create the impression that the Center's door is always open to all visitors.

Rješenje / Solution:

As a result, we stylized the door symbol into a shape that is associated with the openness of the Center while the bottom line clearly communicates hilly surrounding area in which the Center is located. We choose this kind of symbolic element to be dominant in the logo design.
Considering the different branches of activity, we have chosen colors that will clearly communicate courses of action. So, the color green communicates educational program, brown research program, yellow sports-recreational and orange represents the conference and team building program.
By choosing suitable typography, we contributed to the impression of openness and with the boldness of the font, we made it clear that it is a stable establishment. Visually appealing, easy to read and friendly typography can improve the feeling of welcome and open communication. A visual identity was created with which the Ecological Center of Vrata Zrinska will be positioning on the market, and which clearly represents the connection with the nature and the openness of the Center for all visitors to enjoy activities while at the same time with the use of clean shapes, it gives the impression of a stable and safe organization.

Primjena / Ready to go:

We have integrated the logo into various types of promotional materials, such as brochures, leaflets and banners. This will ensure consistent identity of the project and attract the attention of the audience and potential visitors. We prepared the visual identity and conveyed it in detail instructions to the client for further use when creating a website. Colors, typography and other graphic elements that will be communicated on the web page are coordinated with other promotional materials and create cohesion and recognition.
The logo will be used on social networks, in e-mail, on digital ads and other digital channels of communication; on clothes, such as t-shirts, hats or jackets, and on souvenirs such as cups, magnets and pendants.