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Naming / Branding / Web

YEAR: 2022.

Izazov / The Challenge:

The company IPS Konzalting, specialized in consulting and project development in agricultural sector, decided to develop a new digital platform whose goal was to consolidate various useful information from the agricultural sector and simultaneously serve as a means of networking farmers. Given that in Croatia, a digital platform for this purpose did not exist, the task we were given was to develop a portal, come up with a name and create a visual identity that will communicate the innovation, reliability and availability of digital tools and resources for Croatian farmers.

Priča / Story:

After the first phase, i.e. the analysis of the existing situation, the needs of the target users and content research, a new digital platform called e-OPG was strategically designed and created. The name of this new platform by itself clearly communicates its purpose. Platform is specially designed for Croatian farmers to make it simple for them by using provided support, resources and tools, to successfully manage their Family Farming Farms (FMFs). That way, a space has been created for networking, education and exchange of essential information among farmers, and in the creation of visual identity, we were guided by the idea of ​​simplicity with elements that will clearly communicate connection with the agriculture branch. We found an inspiration in the appearance of the field and we came to it through a game of irregular shapes simulations of those fields in a very simple but impressive way they represent what the e-OPG brand is. With regard to agricultural activity, the chosen colors at first glance clearly communicate what it is about. With strong, bold typography that is softened on the edges, it completes the image of a reliable but innovative brand.

Rješenje / Solution:

A simple logo was created as a result of playing with irregular shapes extracted from the field and nature that clearly communicates the connection with the agriculture branch. The design of the visual identity of the e-OPG brand was crucial to achieve recognition, user appeal and positive impression among Croatian farmers, but also to advisors in agriculture. With the created logo, the e-OPG platform has successfully become recognizable and reliable choice for farmers looking for modern and technologically advanced solutions for managing their OPGs, and we can say that the task was completely fulfilled.

Primjena / Ready to go:

After creating the visual identity, we implemented it's designs on different materials. The website applies a new visual identity, uses modern icons and agriculture photos to engage and showcase advantages of using the platform to users. Content includes information relevant for farmers and agricultural advisers, and thanks to the simple and clearly laid out navigation, it is accessible for use by all users. Promotional materials, such as web banners, are designed in line with the new visual identity to strengthen recognition of the e-OPG brand.