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YEAR: 2023.

Izazov / The Challenge:

The Cultural and Historical Center of Sisak-Moslavina County, which was created by merging of two institutions, has the task of preserving and recording traditional culture, heritage and history. The aim of the Center’s activities, among other things, is the presentation and promotion of tangible and intangible historical, cultural and natural heritage in the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County; the promotion of original local and traditional creativity in the area of ​​all forms of artistic expression, and the presentation and preservation of the value of the Homeland War. The work of the Center is organized through 4 different departments: Department of Culture, Department of Heritage, Department of History and Department of the Homeland War.

The challenge, set by the client, is to achieve a unique visual identity that will be able to clearly communicate and show the activities of each department individually, but also of the Center as a whole. The task was clear – to create a strong identity of the new center in the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County in the field of culture and events, and to translate its values, goals and purpose into an attractive, clear visual story.

Priča / Story:

By analyzing the existing cultural institutions in the Sisak-Moslavina County area and by researching the audience, i.e. potential visitors of the Center, we have defined the direction in which we want to go. It was necessary to find a link that will symbolically unite everything that this one institution represents. That's how we have thinking about symbolism in the visual solution of the logo and the entire visual identity, looked at the territorial position of Sisak-Moslavina County in relation to the Republic Croatia and concluded that it is located in the CENTER. On the other side, the Cultural History Center SMŽ, both in name and in its own activities in different areas from culture and history, natural and traditional beauty, to memorial significance of the Homeland War, represents, and through action will represent the CENTER of different events within the county. Therefore, when thinking about the logo of this institution, the symbolism of the CENTER was taken into account.

Rješenje / Solution:

As a result, the main logo was created and from that were created modifyed sub-logos according to the segments of activity. These sub-logos are differentiated by different colors. The main logo, in its circle, contains all the different colors and thus visually unites the different activities of this institution. So, for example, the exhibition which will be presenting the heritage of folk embroidery will have a sub-logo with a red arc of a circle. The visually refined logo clearly tells the observer how each of the sub-logotype is a part of the main unit. Four different colors were chosen to clearly communicate several activities within the Center. Using solid font we have made it known that it is a reliable institution that is open for visitors.

When creating the visual identity, we played with the stylized (simplified) representation of Sisak-Moslavina County and lines (isohypses) that cartographically show different altitudes in the height of individual parts that have been extracted precisely for this area. Through different visuals we use these lines as a means of attracting the eye with their playful forms, but at the same time they do not distract from main communication elements.

Primjena / Ready to go:

We have integrated the logo into various types of promotional materials which one institution in the culture demands. We create materials such as invitations, various brochures, leaflets and catalogs for various events such as exhibitions, book presentations or projects. Also, visual identity is also applied on social networks to ensure consistency in communication and created recognition.
The logo is also used in e-mails, digital ads and more digital channels of communication and on clothing, such as T-shirts and on souvenirs such as mugs, magnets, umbrellas and pendants.