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Published on: July 04, 2018
By: Antonija Vuk
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It’s the holiday season and summer temperatures are high so Facebook becomes photo gallery of blue colour, palm branches, night walking and all other inevitable motives of the Mediterranean holiday. All profiles become a summer collage, include business profiles. But the problem is: people are posting private photos on their business profile.

 "It doesn't even sounds like a mistake at all. So you wonder why is this important? "

I have noticed that clients often come up with the same questions - why is it important to have two profiles and which should be the difference between private and business page on the social network? Differences are not negligible, especially for those who are seriously engaged in any kind of work and present it through social networks. That is why I've decided to give through this text a couple of important differences and advice about that questions.


TIP # 1 Never use a private profile for any type of business. But you need private profile so you can open business page and manage through it.


Private profile must be used for sharing daily information with your family, friends, and a circle of close people while you need business page for sharing information about your business, such as changes in structure, business meetings, new products or services, depending on what you are doing. Also, on your business profile, you can share helpful links related to your business sector. Your fans keep track of you because they are interested in your work.


TIP # 2 Don't be afraid to invite friends from your private profile to like your business page. Invite both friends and family, BUT keep private conversations on your private profile because your fans, therefore potential customers, don't want to read little chat of you and your uncle.


TIP # 3 If a friend doesn't accept the invitation to follow your page, don't take it personal.


Also, don't be afraid to share links from a business profile to your private. Feel free to click "Share on a page you manage" and let your Facebook friends get acquainted with your work. But don't overdo it.


TIP # 4 Avoid political or religious status on a business page. In the end, your fans seek expertise, not a friend with similar convictions.


For your business page is very important that all announcements are public so that clients can at any time obtain the necessary information about you and your company. Also, fill out your business page with all the information, from phone number to address to web link or online shop.


TIP # 5 Avoid too much professional expressions and hard words. Remember, what is interesting to you doesn't mean it's interesting to your clients.


In fact, it's important to remember how business page isn't your personal review of life, your religious or life beliefs. It requires much more effort and research to provide fans with the content they are looking for. Simply, business page is mirror of your business and reflect your expertise. Your audience on social networks must know that you are the best.


TIP #LAST ONE Open your business page right now for your organization, service or brand. Keep business communication. Get close to your fans, but don't  ever turn your business profile into private or vice versa.


P.S. If you still don't know what you need to communicate to your friends or to your clients, always ask yourself simple question: Will this be interesting and useful to my clients or friends?

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